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Marion Municipal Water

Marion's municipal water utility is seeking approval of new rates in IURC Cause No. 45838.

The OUCC and the city have reached an agreement in principle. A formal settlement agreement is due on June 9, 2023, along with supporting testimony.

The utility filed its petition and the following testimony on Jan. 10, 2023:

According to its testimony, the utility is seeking the changes due to increased operating and maintenance costs and the need to make infrastructure improvements.

The city has proposed to implement the requested increase in five phases. Under its initial proposal, monthly charges for a residential customer using 7.0 CCF (approximately 5,000 gallons per month) would rise as follows:

Current Rates

Phase 1 (Winter 2023)

Phase 2 (Jan. 2025)

Phase 3 (Jan. 2026)

Phase 4 (Jan. 2027)

Phase 5 (Jan. 2028)







Amounts include monthly fire protection charges.

The OUCC issued a Apr. 11, 2022 news release to invite public comments. An IURC public field hearing was held in Marion on Apr. 26, 2023.

All publicly filed documents are available through the IURC's electronic document system.

Marion's current water rates were approved in 2005.

Municipal sewer utilities are exempt from IURC oversight. Their rates are set by elected city and town councils.