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Fort Wayne Municipal Water Rates

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Recent Financing Case

Under Cause No. 45777, the City of Fort Wayne sought IURC approval to issue up to $13 million in long-term debt. The OUCC filed testimony on Dec. 2, 2022. The IURC issued a final order on Mar. 22, 2023, approving the utility's request.

Current Base Rates

Rates for Fort Wayne's municipal water utility received IURC approval in April 2019. The Commission order approved a settlement agreement among the OUCC, City of Fort Wayne, City of New Haven, and General Motors, LLC.

Under the approved agreement, water rate increases are being phased in over a five-year period. A residential customer within the Fort Wayne city limits who uses 535 cubic feet per month will see his or her monthly water charges rise to $30.06 by 2023. Water rates for a customer with the same usage outside of the city limits will increase to $33.06 in 2023.

Only the city's water rates were at issue in this case. Municipal sewer utilities are exempt from IURC oversight. Locally elected city and town councils approve their rates.

Fort Wayne's previous water rates were approved in 2012.

For more information on the rate case process, please see our infographic and our Speaking Out on Pending Cases fact sheet.

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