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Community Utilities of Indiana

Community Utilities of Indiana's (CUII's) service territories include:

  • Indiana Water Service, Inc. in Merrillville,
  • Twin Lakes Utilities, Inc. in Lakes of the Four Seasons, and
  • Water Service Company of Indiana, Inc. near Roselawn.

2021-2023 Rate Case

The IURC issued an order approving new rates for CUII on Feb. 1, 2023, in Cause No. 45651.

The IURC also issued an order on reconsideration on May 3, 2023.

CUII has also filed a notice of appeal with the Indiana Court of Appeals. This page will be updated based on case developments.

This chart compares the impact on a monthly residential bill for 5,000 gallons under the recent rate case's requests, recommendations, and order:

 Current BillUtility's Initial Request (Dec. 2021)OUCC Recommendations (April 2022)Utility Rebuttal (May 2022)CUII Proposed Order (July 2022)OUCC Proposed Order (Sept. 2022)IURC Final Order (Feb. 2023)

The OUCC filed its proposed order in the case on Sept. 1, 2022, and filed the following testimony on Apr. 28, 2022, recommending significant reductions to the requests:

The OUCC issued an Apr. 4, 2022 news release to invite consumer comments. An IURC field hearing was held on Apr. 12 in Porter County.

Our infographic outlines the steps in a rate case.

All publicly filed documents are available through the IURC's electronic document system, including the utility's petition and testimony:

2017/2018 Rate Case

CUII's previous rates received IURC approval in January 2018, followed by a March 2018 order on reconsideration.

 Utility's Initial Request (Dec. 2015)Utility's Closing Argument (Mar. 2017)OUCC's Closing Argument 
(Apr. 2017)
IURC Order (Jan. 2018)
Requested/Recommended Increases in Overall Annual Revenues

The OUCC issued a 2016 news release to invite consumer comments.

To view the IURC rate case file, click here.

SIA Tracker

The IURC dismissed CUII's 2020 request for a system integrity adjustment for its water utility. The adjustment would have added $1.63 to a monthly residential bill for 5,000 gallons.