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Bloomington Municipal Water Rates

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The City of Bloomington has received approval of new rates and financing authority in IURC Cause No. 45533. The case's approved settlement agreement will allow for an increase of 18.2 percent. The city originally requested an increase of about 22 percent.

Monthly residential water charges for 5,000 gallons will rise from $26.50 to $28.39 in 2022 and to $30.60 in 2024, for a customer within the city limits. Charges at the same usage for an out-of-city customer will rise from $27.82 to $29.78 in 2022 and to $32.07 in 2024.

All publicly filed documents are available from the IURC's electronic case file, including settlement testimony from additional parties.

Our infographic outlines the steps in a utility base rate case.

The OUCC issued a June 15, 2021 news release to invite public comments. The IURC held a July 6, 2021 public field hearing in Bloomington.

Only the city's water rates were at issue in this case. Municipal sewer utilities are exempt from IURC oversight. Their rates are set by elected city and town councils.

The IURC approved Bloomington's previous water rates in 2017.