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Apple Valley Utilities

UPDATE: The IURC issued an October 4, 2016 docket entry regarding the impending sale of Apple Valley Utilities. Apple Valley has since notified the Commission that sale is complete.

The IURC approved new base rates for Apple Valley Utilities, Inc. in April 2016. The utility provides service in southern Lake County.

Under the utility's original request, the flat, monthly residential water rate would have risen from $21.02 to $28.37. The flat, monthly residential sewer rate would have increased from $48.58 to $70.30.

The Commission's order requires the utility to address a number of operational issues the OUCC identified in its reports. It approves the OUCC's recommended monthly water rate of $25.72 while increasing the utility's sewer rate to $49.40.

To review the case file, click here and enter docket number 44551.

An IURC public field hearing was held on March 4, 2015 in Lowell. The OUCC issued a February 17, 2015 news release announcing the hearing and inviting consumer comments.