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Sycamore Gas Company Rates

Key components in bills for Sycamore Gas Company - formerly Lawrenceburg Gas Co. - include gas costs and base rates.

To compare average residential gas bills, please see the IURC's monthly residential surveys.

Gas Costs

Natural gas utilities buy gas for their customers in a competitive wholesale market. Indiana law allows utilities to adjust rates every three months to recover changes in those costs, which can go up or down. These costs comprise a significant portion of a residential bill and are recovered through the Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) process.

  • Utilities may recover wholesale gas costs on a dollar-for-dollar basis but may not profit on them.
  • Before adjusting rates to reflect the costs, a utility must demonstrate that it has shopped prudently in the competitive market.
  • Each GCA filing requires OUCC review and IURC approval.

Sycamore Gas Company's most recent adjustment was approved in April 2024. It will affect bills for May, June, and July.

Base Rates

Sycamore Gas Company  received Commission approval of its current base rates in March 2019. A settlement agreement between the OUCC and the utility resolved most issues in the case.

Base rates cover a utility's operational, maintenance, and capital costs. Investor-owned utilities are allowed to earn a return on base rates.

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