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NIPSCO Coal Ash Compliance

NIPSCO is seeking approval of a coal ash pond compliance project at its Michigan City generating station, including rate recovery, in IURC Cause No. 45700.

UPDATE (11-28-23): The IURC granted NIPSCO's motion to dismiss on Nov. 28, 2023.

  • In the following testimony filed on Sept. 7, 2022, the OUCC recommends denial of the utility's proposed $41.5 million in requested rate recovery in this docket:

Consumer parties including the OUCC filed their closing brief and joint proposed order on Dec. 13, 2022.

All public documents in this case are available through the IURC's electronic document system. NIPSCO filed its petition on Mar. 30, 2022 and the following testimony on May 2, 2022:

A public field hearing was held in Michigan City on Aug. 1, 2022. For more information, please see the OUCC's July 7, 2022 news release.

This page will be updated based on case developments.