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IPL General Rate Case (2017/2018)

UPDATE (10-31-18): The IURC issued an order approving the settlement agreement this afternoon. The OUCC's news release offers an overview.

The OUCC, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL), and nearly all of the case's additional parties have reached a settlement agreement in IPL's rate case. For a summary, please see the OUCC's July 19, 2018 news release.

The parties, including the OUCC, have filed testimony supporting the settlement. Any agreement before the IURC may be accepted, denied, or modified.

IURC public field hearings were held on April 23, 2018 and May 7, 2018. An OUCC news release inviting consumer comments was issued on April 9, 2018. The OUCC also issued a news release summarizing its May 24, 2018 testimony.

The OUCC's website includes an overview of the rate case process.

All publicly filed documents in the case (Cause No. 45029) are available by visiting the IURC website.

This page will be updated based on future developments.