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Indiana Utility Rate Payer Trust

NOTE: This publication was written and produced by the Indiana Utility Rate Payer Trust, which is a separate entity from the OUCC. The OUCC includes this publication on its Website for informational purposes. Consumers with additional questions about the Indiana Utility Rate Payer Trust should follow the contact information provided below.

The Indiana Utility Rate Payer Trust
A Charitable Trust to assist individuals and organizations wanting to participate in matters affecting Indiana utility regulation.

What is the Indiana Utility Rate Payer Trust?

The Trust was established in 1997 for the purpose of:

"Providing funding to cover reasonable costs, expenses and efforts that may be incurred either by the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor for the State of Indiana, or by a group, entity or individual who desires to participate on behalf of ratepayer(s) in a rulemaking, an adjudication, or appeal or any other type of proceeding affecting the regulation (including rates charged and services rendered) of an Indiana utility or its affiliates, including, but not limited to proceedings before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or their successors, but either lacks the wherewithal to participate or cannot cost effectively participate under the then existing circumstances."

Funding decisions are made by the Executive Committee of the Trust, that reviews applications submitted by individuals and/or organizations seeking assistance.

How was the Trust established?

The Trust was originally established as part of an agreement to settle litigation over the canceled Marble Hill nuclear project. A portion of the settlement was set aside to provide funds for the Trust.

Who may apply for funding?

An individual ratepayer; a group of ratepayers; an organization; agency; municipality; residents of a community; utility service territory or geographic area may request funding from the trust.

How are funding decisions made?

Funding decisions are made by a five-member Executive Committee of the Trust. The Executive Committee reviews applications from those seeking assistance from the Trust.

For more information, and to obtain an application to request funding, please contact:

First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors
Attn: Melanie Newkirk
10333 N. Meridian St., Suite 350
Indianapolis, IN 46290


Anne E. Becker, Chairperson
Executive Committee of the
Indiana Utility Rate Payer Trust

Executive Committee Members

  • Anne Becker, Chair
  • Chris Williams
  • Richard Hill
  • June Lyle
  • Robert Johnson

Entities involved in establishing the Trust:

  • Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana
  • City of Terre Haute
  • Save the Valley
  • Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
  • PSI Industrial Group

Dedicated in Remembrance of Virgil Bowling, George A. Buskirk, Jr., Harold Cassidy, Pete Chalos, Max Goodwin, Robert Gray, and Fred Hauck.

Updated 3/22