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Gibson Water Rates

UPDATE (11-25-18): The IURC has issued a final order in this case.

Gibson Water, Inc. - a not-for-profit utility - is seeking approval of new water rates.

To review the IURC case file for Cause No. 45080, please click here. Gibson Water filed its petition and testimony (Wetzel, Jenkins, and Miller) on April 24, 2018.

The OUCC filed testimony (Corey, Seals, and Kaufman) on August 24, 2018.

Written consumer comments are invited. For more information, please see the OUCC's July 19, 2018 news release.

For more information on the rate case process, please see our infographic and our Speaking Out on Pending Cases fact sheet.

This page will be updated based on case developments.

The IURC approved Gibson Water's current rates in 1986.