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Community Utilities of Indiana

The IURC issued an order approving new rates for Community Utilities of Indiana in January 2018, followed by a March 2018 order on reconsideration.

Community Utilities of Indiana's service territories include:

  • Indiana Water Service, Inc. in Merrillville,
  • Twin Lakes Utilities, Inc. in Lakes of the Four Seasons, and
  • Water Service Company of Indiana, Inc. near Roselawn.
  Utility's Initial Request (Dec. 2015) Utility's Closing Argument (Mar. 2017) OUCC's Closing Argument 
(Apr. 2017)
IURC Order (Jan. 2018)
Requested/Recommended Increases in Overall Annual Revenues
Water 50.1% 39.2% 18.5% 37.5%
Sewer 30.7% 16.1% 10.8% 14.9%

The OUCC issued a February 25, 2016 news release to invite consumer comments.

To view the IURC case file, click here and enter cause number 44724.