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Public Facilities Program

Community facilities enhance the lives of residents in numerous ways. Libraries, museums, community centers, and performance spaces open doors to knowledge and ideas, culture, and enjoyment. In addition to community facilities, historic preservation projects are eligible for PFP.

The goals of our Public Facilities Program are to:

  • Improve quality of place
  • Generate jobs and spur economic revitalization
A maximum grant award of $500,000 is in effect for all Public Facility projects. The maximum award is not intended to serve as a target figure for requests for grant assistance. OCRA will review the level of grant assistance requested and will consider the appropriateness of the project’s scope, the level of demonstrated need and the financial resources of the applicant. If OCRA determines that a lesser amount is appropriate, it may be necessary to revise the project before it is submitted in final form. A local match of 10% of the total project cost will be required for consideration of funding.
The amount of CDBG funds granted will be based on a $5,000 cost per project beneficiary. General types of activities that are eligible for PFP funding include:
  • Removal of architectural barriers for ADA accessibility
  • Community centers
  • Daycare centers
  • Facilities for special needs groups
  • Fire/EMS stations
  • Healthcare centers
  • Historic preservation
  • Learning centers
  • Libraries
  • Senior centers
  • Youth center