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Grant Administration Continuing Education

Under the new Grant Administrator Certification and Continuing Education (CE) policy that was effective as of March 15, 2018, a certified Grant Administrator must complete six (6) CE credits each year to be able to renew their certification. Two of the six credits must be an OCRA GA Update Training course. The remaining credits can be earned by participation at OCRA approved events.  Please see the list below for information regarding the other Continuing Education available this year.

Grant Administrator Update

The second Grant Administrator update of 2023 was held virtually via Microsoft Teams Live on December 6, 2023.The PowerPoint presentation can be found here and the recording can be found here.

The first Grant Administrator update of 2023 was held virtually from 10 a.m.– 12 p.m. ET on June 7, 2023. The PowerPoint to the GA Update can be found here.

Please note: Attendance of at least two GA updates is required for all Grant Administrators.

Additional Approved Events

The following are all the approved events that Grant Administrators can count for CE credit. For each, OCRA has identified the number of credits. Grant Administrators are encouraged to submit additional events for approval consideration to Continuing ed courses and credits are evaluated based on their ability to advance the ability for a CDBG Grant Administrator to carry out their duties. Note: Recorded webinars are not eligible for continuing ed courses at this time.

Initial Classes:

  • Pre-release of Funds and Release of Funds Training
    • Training Date
      • Feb. 21, 2024
      • 2 - 3 p.m. ET
    • Credit: 1 CEC
    • Registration is not required.
    • Access the event here.
  • Department of Labor 2024 Prevailing Wage Seminars
    • Training Dates:
      • Feb. 27, 2024
      • May 15, 2024
      • Aug. 29, 2024
      • 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET
    • Credit: 2 CECs
    • Register to attend here.
  • Indiana Main Street July Lunch and Discuss: Grant Writing 101
    • Training Date:
      • July 9, 2024
      • 12 - 1 p.m. ET
    • Credits: 1 CEC
    • Register to attend here.

To notify us of your attendance to workshops and conference, please send an email to