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Grant Administration Continuing Education

Under the new Grant Administrator Certification and Continuing Education (CE) policy that was effective as of March 15, 2018, a certified Grant Administrator must complete six (6) CE credits each year to be able to renew their certification. Two of the six credits must be an OCRA GA Update Training course. The remaining credits can be earned by participation at OCRA approved events.  Please see the list below for information regarding the other Continuing Education available this year.

Access the Recorded Winter GA Update December 1, here.
The Grant Administrator update was held virtually on Dec. 1, 2021 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET. This GA update was optional for all Grant Administrators. Please note: Attendance of at least 2 GA updates is required for all Grant Administrators. You will not receive continuing ed credit for viewing the recorded meeting.

The PowerPoint to the GA Update can be found here.

Additional Approved Events

The following are all the approved events that Grant Administrators can count for CE credit. For each, OCRA has identified the number of credits. Grant Administrators are encouraged to submit additional events for approval consideration to the CDBG Program Manager, Bolanle Oladokun. Continuing ed courses and credits are evaluated based on their ability to advance the ability for a CDBG Grant Administrator to carry out their duties. Note: Recorded webinars are not eligible for continuing ed courses at this time.

Jan. 27 2021 Building a Brownfield Inventory Using BiT - link1
Jan. 27 Multi-Family Residential Pro Forma Workshop - link 1
Jan. 27 & April 13 Comprehensive Community Wealth Approach: An Introduction - link1
Feb. 3 Single-Family Workshop -  link 1
Feb. 5 Dollars and Sense: A Brief Explainer on Indiana Local Government Finance - link1
Feb. 15 - Feb. 18 Ripley County Community Development Course - link 2
Feb. 23 Digging for Data: How to Find Relevant Data - link1
Feb. 25 StatsAmerica Webinar Series: Innovation Index 2.0 - link1
March 1 Deciphering Data: How to Interpret and Contextualize Data - link1
March 9 Certified Payroll/Prevailing Wage Reports: A Practical Guide to Compliance - link 1
March 23 Designing Data: How to Use GIS to Tell a Story with Data - link1
March 23 DBLS Labor Standards & CDBG Compliance 1
March 30 Davis-Bacon Act & Prevailing Wage Law on Government Contracts - link 1
March 30 FHLBI - AHP Workshop - link 1
March - April 7 Cultivating Your Career: Professional Development Tools for Community and Economic Developers - link 1
April 8 The FHCCI 9th Annual Fair Housing Conference - link3
April 27 Qualifications Based Selection: Better Projects, Better Value (virtual) - link1
May 12 & May 13 IN APA training - Fundamentals for Citizens Planners 2
May 19 & May 20 Alliance of Indiana Rural Water spring conference (Select Courses Only) 
May 19 & May 20 Project Development (From Purpose and Need to Substantial Completion) - Alliance of Indiana Rural Water spring conference 1
May 19 & May 20 Becoming a Champion For Your Community: Navigating 5 Key Water-Related Challenges Facing Today’s Communities - Alliance of Indiana Rural Water spring conference 1
May 19 & May 20 Effective Reporting of Financial Information for Utility Management - Alliance of Indiana Rural Water spring conference 1
Any Date State Board of Accounts Internal Controls Webinar (Live- Webinar Only) 1
Any Date HUD Exchange Select Courses (Asychronous Training and Live Webinars) Send in for Approval-  link 1
June 8 Regional Planning for Economic Development and Housing - link 1
Aug. 5-6 Great Lakes Main Street Conference- link 3
Aug. 10 Part 1 Research and Mapping Websites to better understand your project- link 1
Aug. 11 Part 2 TAB BiT Site Inventory Tools, Drone Technology, RFQ Development - link 1
Aug 12 Part 3 Community Involvement and Phase I ESA update
including potential ASTM Standard revisions- link
Aug. 12-26 Department of Labor Virtual Prevailing Wage Seminar (Limit 1 Seminar) - link 1
Aug. 16-17 IHCDA -Indiana Housing Conference 2
Sept. 16 & 17 IHCDA -Indiana Housing Conference 2
Oct. 5-7 Aim Ideas Summit - link 3
Oct. 19 Indiana Economic Development Corporation Webinar: Residential TIF - link 1
Oct. 19 AIM- Monitoring your Community Water System for Forever Chemicals (PFAS) - link 1
Oct. 28 AIM- Building a Thriving Community: Leadership, Asset Management & Communications - link 1
Oct. 28 IEDA- 2021 IEDA Practitioner's Guide to Economic Development - link 2
Nov. 3-6 The Grant Professionals Association's Annual Conference - link 2
Nov. 30 AIM-Accessibility 101: The History and Key Compliance Issues - link 1
Jan. 27, 2022 Level of Review + Aggregation + Project Description - link 1
March 3, 2022 Environmental Assessment Factors + NEPA - link 1
April 28, 2022 Explosive + Flammable Hazards - link 1
May 26, 2022 Endangered Species Act + Farmland Protection - link 1
June 16, 2022 Floodplains + Wetlands - link 1