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Grant Administration Continuing Education

Under the new Grant Administrator Certification and Continuing Education (CE) policy that was effective as of March 15, 2018, a certified Grant Administrator must complete six (6) CE credits each year to be able to renew their certification. Two of the six credits must be an OCRA GA Update Training course. The remaining credits can be earned by participation at OCRA approved events.  Please see the list below for information regarding the other Continuing Education available this year.

Grant Administrator Update

The Grant Administrator update was held virtually from 1 p.m.– 3 p.m. ET on Sept. 20, 2022. Access the Recorded GA Update 09-20-22 here. The PowerPoint to the GA Update can be found here.

The last GA Update of the calendar year will be held in November. Check your email periodically for details.

Please note: Attendance of at least two GA updates is required for all Grant Administrators. You will not receive continuing ed credit for viewing the recorded meeting.

Additional Approved Events

The following are all the approved events that Grant Administrators can count for CE credit. For each, OCRA has identified the number of credits. Grant Administrators are encouraged to submit additional events for approval consideration to the CDBG Program Manager, Bolanle Oladokun. Continuing ed courses and credits are evaluated based on their ability to advance the ability for a CDBG Grant Administrator to carry out their duties. Note: Recorded webinars are not eligible for continuing ed courses at this time.

Jan. 11Comprehensive Community Wealth Approach, An Introduction- link1
Jan. 26 "Cities for Life: How Communities Can Recover from Trauma and Rebuild for Health"- link 1
Jan. 27 Level of Review + Aggregation + Project Description -  link2
Jan. 27 CENSUS 101 - link1
Jan. 27 Introduction to the National Economic Resilience Data Explorer (NERDE) -  link1
Feb. 2Professional Development Tools for Community and Economic Developers1
Feb. 7Nothing for Granted: How to Write Better Grants to Support Community Development - link1
Feb. 16Fiscal and Administrative Management for Development Organizations 
Feb. 17Future-Focused Economic Development in Rural America - link1
Feb. 18National Models and Methods for Achieving Equitable Development - link1
Feb. 23Project Management1
Feb. 28 and March 1Davis-Bacon Compliance and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - link1
March 3Environmental Assessment Factors + NEPA - link1
March 16Ready, Set, Act: Considerations for Co-Creating Community Change - link1
March 16Easements, Rights of Way and Property Acquisitions - link1
March 17Strategic Planning for Infrastructure Act Funding - link1
March 29Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Seminars - link1
April 12FHCCI 10th Annual Fair Housing Conference - link1
April 14Easements Acquisition 101 @ the ( Indiana Section AWWA’s 114th Annual Conference) - link1
April 18“The Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the International Building Code (IBC)" - link1
April 19Fair housing for All: Indiana Civil Rights Commission - link1
April 26Digging into the Data: Census, Surveys, and So Much More1
April 28Environmental Assessment Factors eGuide Webinar - link1
April 28Explosive + Flammable Hazards - link1
May 11Part 1 Indiana Brownfields Program Updates - link1
May 12EPA Brownfields Program Updates - link1
May 16-20Indiana Economic Development Course3
May 242022 Brownfield Services and Grant Readiness 101 Virtual Workshop - link1
May 26Endangered Species Act + Farmland Protection - link1
June 14Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Seminars - link1
June 222022 ConnectHomeUSA - Preparing for New Broadband Funding:
A Collaborative Partnership Model - link
June 29Regional Planning for Economic Development and Housing - link1
July 12Your Community by the Numbers: Data for Community Development - link1
July 12PHA Disaster Readiness, Response, and Recovery Webinar Series: Extreme Temperatures - link1
July 13Regional Planning for Economic Development and Housing - link1
July 16Floodplains + Wetlands - link1
July 28FHCCI Fair Housing 90/LGBTQ+ (virtual) Workshop - link2
Aug. 3FHCCI Fair Housing Basics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Aug. 9Using Census Bureau Data for Grant Writing - link1
Aug. 11 FHCCI Fair Housing 90/Appraisals (virtual) Workshop - link2
Aug. 24 FHCCI Fair Housing Disability (virtual) Workshop - link2
Aug. 30FHCCI Fair Housing 90/Familial Status (virtual) Workshop - link2
Sept. 1 The American Community Survey: A Comprehensive Look - link1
Sept. 8FHCCI Fair Housing Basics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Sept. 13Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Seminars - link1
Sept. 14FHCCI Fair Housing Disability (virtual) Workshop - link2
Sept. 20FHCCI Fair Housing 90/Tenant Screening (virtual) Workshop - link2
Sept. 28FHCCI Fair Housing 90/FH for Mobile Home Parks (virtual) Workshop - link2
Oct. 4 FHCCI Fair Housing 90/Hot Topics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Oct. 13FHCCI Fair Housing 90/Insurance (virtual) Workshop - link2
Oct. 18Beyond Resiliency: Preparing for and Managing Community Crises - link1
Oct. 25FHCCI Fair Housing Basics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Oct. 31FHCCI Fair Housing Disability (virtual) Workshop - link2
NovemberIndiana Community Development Course3
Nov. 9FHCCI Fair Housing Basics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Nov. 17FHCCI Fair Housing Disability (virtual) Workshop - link2
Nov. 29FHCCI Fair Housing 90/Lending Hot Topics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Dec. 1FHCCI Fair Housing Basics (virtual) Workshop - link2
Dec. 6FHCCI Fair Housing 90/FH for Real Estate Agents (virtual) Workshop - link2
Dec. 15FHCCI Fair Housing Disability (virtual) Workshop - link2
Any DateStatsAmerica Webinar Series: Measuring Distress - link1
N/AOther Select Indiana Communities Institute Courses (please send in)N/A