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OCRA is now taking registrations for our Regional Capacity Building workshops. These workshops will focus on providing an understanding of regionalism, creating your narrative and transforming individual communities into high capacity regions. By sharpening existing or introducing new tools, communities can work better individually and collaboratively within self-created regions.

Meetings will be held at central locations, based on the location of interested groups around the state. The goal is to help lessen travel time for those wishing to attend. The schedule allows time for groups to prepare for competitive funding rounds or the Stellar Communities Letter of Intent.

Communities will select options within the following date ranges. All sessions will be scheduled for three hours.

  • Asset Based Community Development - September 4 to 18
  • Team Building and Communication -  October 15 to 25
  • Stellar 101: creating the region's narrative, implementation and sustainability of the plan -  November 18 to 22.

Communities will be asked to register teams to attend the entire series. These workshops are open to local elected officials, EDCs, community foundations, school corporations, Main Street organizations, chambers and others. The program is designed for any community leader looking to build relationships within their own community and the region that surrounds them.

Please register for these workshops by completing this online form by Friday, June 28. If have any questions, please contact Michael Sinnet, the Stellar Communities Program Manager.

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