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2016 - Rushville

The primary goal for our SIP is short and sweet…to create a better Rushville! Our plans have been in development for many years and their validity has been reinforced through many past and ongoing community planning efforts including:
2012 - ECDC Strategic Plan
2013 - Library Feasibility Study, OCRA
2014 - Downtown Revitalization Plan
2014 - Comprehensive Plan
2014 - My Community, My Vision
2014 - Floodplain Study
2015 - Hometown Collaboration Initiative
2016 - Parks and Recreation Master Plan
2016 - Ball State CRI Study
2016 - Trails Master Plan Mapping

Individually each of these past planning efforts contributed significant ideas and identified numerous projects which collectively combine to form our ‘River to Rails’ Initiative – this initiative aims to tie our downtown investments together through focused and strategic implementation of key projects included in our Stellar Communities Strategic Investment Plan and to help us achieve the community goals shown below.

The return on investment from these projects will be significant and visible in a community the size of Rushville. In fact, the ‘River to Rails’ projects are important enough to our community that they will continue to be our top priority well beyond the completion of our Stellar Communities SIP projects.

  1. Provide new and vibrant spaces for community engagement, collaborative ideas, and small business activities
  2. Create a southern retail focal point which will provide for additional interest and activities to support and encourage downtown businesses.
  3. Provide incentives and interest to draw additional visitors to events at Riverside Park.
  4. Encourage visitors & residents to explore all that we have to off er in our Commercial Historic District.
  5. Provide amenities and attractions which will further activate Riverside Park on an ongoing basis.
  6. Generate a regular and predictable increase in the footsteps which will lead to additional downtown business activity.
  7. Increase the assessed value of existing downtown commercial buildings by turning current liabilities into future assets and activating the downtown core with strategic and targeted investments.
  8. Provide a rich environment to support existing downtown business and aid the development of new small business, retail and restaurant enterprises.

Read their Strategic Investment Plan. Visit their website for more information.