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Crawfordsville Stellar Project 2015

Crawfordsville's proposal focuses on their downtown area as the heart of their city. A major component of their proposal focuses on broadening the immediate downtown area to include a co-working space, Fusion 54 as an asset for both local residents and Wabash College students to utilize for business start up and development opportunities. Also included in the proposal are projects to create a pocket park, trails and other improvements to the city streets making Crawfordsville much more accessible to thousands of area residents and visitors to the city.

Our efforts to transform Crawfordsville are focused squarely on one overarching belief. We must create a community in which people want to live and work. As mentioned in our Letter of Interest, we operate with an unwavering passion to steadily improve our quality of life because we know our very survival is dependent upon it.

The goals and objectives of the projects outlined in this Strategic Investment Plan are designed with the intent of improving the quality of life in our community in order to reverse two very noticeable trends: the decline in the number of professionals living within our community, and the lack of young people ages 22-35 choosing to return to Crawfordsville after completing their college education.

These trends are a great threat to our success for many reasons. Our community is losing the spending power of these individuals, in addition to the human capital and leadership these individuals could bring. The lack of presence of both of these groups in our community has a significant economic and social impact. We intend to reverse these trends with the projects outlined in our Strategic Investment Plan. Our projects will improve the quality of life in Crawfordsville by focusing on the objectives listed in the column to the right.

Each of our projects is deeply rooted in various planning efforts the City of Crawfordsville has undertaken in the last few years. Many of the projects and concepts they embody in our Strategic Investment Plan are a result of the public input acquired throughout the planning processes for the Comprehensive Plan (2013), ADA Transition Plan (2013), Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (2014), and Downtown Revitalization Study (2015).

Mayor Barton has oft en said that our community has all the ingredients for success, but we needed a plan to connect these individual elements in a more cohesive manner. Upon completion of these planning processes, we feel that Crawfordsville is prepared with a plan for moving forward, and designation as a Stellar Community would allow us to take a giant leap toward these goals. Th e completion of our Stellar projects, based on these goals and objectives, will be the key to propelling our community forward.

  • Improving sense of place through community gathering points
  • Promoting well-being through trails, parks, and bike/pedestrian friendly streets
  • Promoting economic growth to spur investment in improved retail, dining & entertainment offerings
  • Engaging residents to improve their sense of worth by utilizing their human capital