Blight Clearance Program

Many Indiana communities are burdened with deteriorated or abandoned downtown buildings and  vacant, dilapidated industrial sites. In many instances these unsightly and dangerous buildings make them undesirable to investors and new residents. Though some communities are burdened by a disproportionate number of these sites, their presence does not have to be considered the community’s downfall. These sites are often found in downtowns or near transportation corridors, and could be thought of as opportunities—if the funds to address the clearance/demolition were available.

Effective Feb. 14, 2018, OCRA suspended the current version of the Blight Clearance Program (BCP). Proposed changes to the program were released as a component of OCRA’s 2018 Action Plan draft.

Based on feedback and the desire to expand the program, the updates are designed to improve the impact and accessibility for Indiana communities. Funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant, this program is available to communities for demolition and environmental clearance of blighted properties. Projects range from demolition and/or clearance projects to environmental clean-up.

To those communities who submitted applications during round three in 2017 will not be impacted by this decision. OCRA plans to begin BCP 2.0 in round two of 2018.

Funding for BCP comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant program (CBDG) and is administered by OCRA. If you have any questions, please contact CDBG Program Director, Eric Ogle