Grant Administrator Certification

2018 Trainings

  • 101 - April 11 and September 12 (1 day course, offered twice)  
  • 201 - July 10-12 (3 day course, offered once)
  • 301 - September 5-7 (3 day course, offered once)
  • 401 - TBD

More information will be released on how to register. 


Since 1994, the State of Indiana has required formal certification of all persons administering Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects in Indiana. The information below outlines the certification process and explains how to become certified.
The CDBG certification process has been established for the following reasons:

  • This program involves complex administrative and financial procedures regulated by federal and state policies. Knowledge of the applicable regulations and policies is essential to achieve a high level of efficiency in the oversight of grant awards. The needs of the constituents are more adequately met.
  • Certification is like an insurance policy that protects grantees from unnecessary monitoring findings due to inexperienced administrators.


Certification Process

Please review posted policies here.

Certification Policy for those between 2015-2017 (updated 8.2017)

Certified_Active List WEB ONLY 2018_0103.xls


What is a CDBG Certified Grant Administrator?
CDBG Certified Grant Administrators administer grants funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant Program, which is part of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on behalf of cities, towns and counties.  The Grant Administrator serves as the liaison between the funded community and the Office of Community and Rural Affairs and is an expert on the CDBG grant process and federal guidelines.
What types of grants does the CDBG program fund?
CDBG funding is used for infrastructure such as sewer, waste, and drinking water, emergency services such as fire/EMS stations, downtown revitalization, community facilities, strategic planning and community master plans, housing, and other projects which benefit communities.
What if I already have grant writing experience?
This is NOT a general grant writing course.  This certifications prepares participants to administer a CDBG grant after it has been funded by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.  Any information about preparing applications is specific to CDBG grants only.
How do I learn more?
Please contact the OCRA CDBG Program Director at (800) 824-2476.