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Next Steps Following a Decision

Next Steps Following a Decision by an OALP Administrative Law Judge

If you received a Non-Final/Recommended Order from an OALP administrative law judge, you may be entitled to object to the Recommended Order by filing your objections with the Ultimate Authority for the state agency whose decision you are contesting. Follow the instructions or rights listed in the Non-Final/Recommended Order that you received to do so.

Following an OALP Administrative Law Judge’s issuance of a Non-Final/Recommended Order, the Ultimate Authority will review the Non-Final/Recommended Order and will typically issue a Final Order either affirming, modifying, or dissolving the Non-Final/Recommended Order. The Ultimate Authority may also remand the matter back to the ALJ for additional proceedings. If a party to a proceeding wishes to file an objection to the ALJ’s Non-Final/Recommended Order for the Ultimate Authority’s consideration, it may do so in accordance with the instructions provided by the ALJ in the Non-Final/Recommended Order and Indiana Code § 4-21.5-3-29, if applicable (Indiana Code § 4-21.5-2-4 through -6 describes exemptions to this process).

Once you have received the Ultimate Authority’s final agency action, you may have further appeal rights to seek judicial review of the agency action.  If so, the final order you receive should explain these rights.  You can also find information about how to seek judicial review in Indiana Code § 4-21.5-5.