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OALP offers alternative dispute resolution for matters involving a dispute with any state of Indiana government agency. All OALP mediators have completed a 40-hour mediation course.

Request a Mediator

Mediator biographies are found here.


The OALP ADR pilot program runs from January 1, 2024, through June 30, 2024. OALP will then evaluate the benefits of the program and determine whether to continue, modify, or terminate the program.


During the OALP ADR pilot, parties will not be charged a mediation fee.


The process for obtaining a mediator is as follows:

  1. Parties must first agree or be ordered to mediate their matter.
  2. Review mediator biographies and parties come to an agreement as to their first and second preferred mediator.
  3. One party fills out the ADR intake form found below.
    1. You will need contact information for each party, 2 preferred mediators and 3 preferred mediation dates.
    2. All mediations will be scheduled to begin at 9AM unless parties and the mediator determine otherwise.
  4. OALP will review the intake form and send an acceptance of mediation.
    1. Service by email will be sent from “ALP E-Service”
    2. Service by U.S. mail will be mailed from OALP’s main address.
  5. The assigned mediator will send initial documents through its case management system, ALP, but all other communication will occur directly between the parties and the mediator via the mediator’s email.

Mediation is not a substitute for an appeal of an agency action or an evidentiary administrative hearing.