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The Indiana Office of Administrative Law Proceedings (OALP) was formed in 2019 by H.E.A. 1223 to provide Indiana with a central and independent hearings process for many types of disputes. OALP’s main charter is codified at Indiana Code Section 4-15-10.5, et. seq

Unless specifically excluded by law, a State Executive Branch Agency that is statutorily authorized to use an administrative law judge to adjudicate contested cases must refer such cases to OALP beginning July 1, 2020.  

However, OALP is most often not the ultimate authority in a matter unless such authority is properly delegated to OALP. Rather, the OALP administrative law judge assigned to hear a case will generally issue a Non-Final Order and Recommended Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. That decision is subject to review by the ultimate authority for the state agency involved in the matter. This process and the ultimate authority varies by subject matter (learn more here). 

All administrative law judges employed by OALP are expected to uphold the highest level of integrity, ethics, and competency. Many administrative law judges are attorneys in good standing and all are subject to a Code of Judicial Conduct, receive significant training, and continuously collaborate with their colleagues to improve OALP. 

Please see below for the Code of Judicial Conduct for Administrative Law Judges as well as OALP policies and notices: