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Rulemaking Docket

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To comment on a proposed rule, scroll down to the rulemaking docket at the bottom of this page.  The rulemaking docket includes a table of all rules pending before the Natural Resources Commission.  

Comment On A Proposed Rule

The Natural Resources Commission adopted nonrule policy document, Information Bulletin #55. The primary purpose of this bulletin is to encourage consistency, transparency and efficiency in the development of hearing officer reports by employees of the Division of Hearings to the Natural Resources Commission. Information Bulletin #55 clarifies that citizens must identify themselves when filing comments in order for those comments to be included in a report or to be considered by the hearing officer in an analysis. The nonrule policy document also clarifies that public comments will be accepted through the rulemaking docket, if sent to the Commission by regular mail, or if approved by the Commission, by telephone.

Comments may be submitted for pending rule proposals by regular mail or through the rulemaking docket.  However, to ensure that comments are directed to the proper rule proposal, comments will not be accepted until the Legislative Services Agency has published a "Notice of First Public Comment Period" in the Indiana Register or the Commission has directed the posting of the proposed rule language given preliminary adoption to the rulemaking docket.

Residency information and any other information submitted through this rule docket form is provided to the Natural Resources Commission (NRC)  and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Members of the general public may access the information by making a request to the Commission or by searching the Commission’s web site or docket. Your email is required for the completion of this form for purpose of contacting you if clarification of your comment is needed.

If the length and detail of your comment is such that your comment will not fit within the rulemaking docket comment form, please mail your comment to the following address: Natural Resources Commission, Division of Hearings, 100 North Senate Avenue, Room N103, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2200.

To request a copy of comments submitted for a proposed rule package, or any other written information associated with a proposed rule, send your request to the Commission by regular mail or by email. Please provide the LSA Document number as listed in the rulemaking docket in your request.

Comments and any other written information may be inspected at the office of the NRC, Division of Hearings, Indiana Government Center North, 100 North Senate Avenue, Room N103, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rulemaking Docket

In accordance with IC 4-22-2.1-6, comments from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation Comments (IEDC) are made available with respect to the following rule amendments:

No rules at this time require EDC comment.

Find the proposed rule in the table below on which you wish to submit a comment; and then click on "comment on this rule" at the end of the row associated with the proposed rule on which you wish to comment.

*Please note that the comment period deadline may have ended for some of the rule proposals listed in the table. If the comment period has ended for a particular rule, the "comment on this rule" link will be replaced with the message "Comment period closed".

Rule Name: Coastal Zone High Hazard Amendments and other Technical Amendments (312 IAC 10)

Description: (LSA#23-425) Amends 312 IAC 10-1-2 to accurately reflect a statutory reference by adding IC 14-27-7.5. Amends 312 IAC 10-2-28 concerning coastal high hazard areas.

Rule Notice of Intent Public Hearing Other NoticesTimeline Comment Period
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Rule Name: Property Rules Misc. Amendments (312 IAC 8)

Description: (LSA#23-538) Amends 312 IAC 8-2-3 to remove the requirement that a person hold a valid unlimited license to carry firearm in order to possess the firearm on department property in compliance with Indiana law. Amends 312 IAC 8-2-8 to allow a person to operate a motorized cart on department property if the person: is using the motorized cart within a campground and meets the requirements of IC 14-19-1-(2)(A), meets the requirements of IC 14-19-1(2)(B), or holds a valid driver’s license and is transporting another person as authorized under either provision. Amends 312 IAC 8-2-8 to allow for Class 1 electric bicycles to be operated on department trails designated by the department as a mountain bike trail. Amends and removes language from 312 IAC 8-1.5-14, definition of motorized cart. Adds 312 IAC 8-1.5-5.5 to add the definition of a class I motorized bicycle.

Rule Notice of Intent Public Hearing Other NoticesTimeline Comment Period
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