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Permanent Rules


A "rule" is the whole or any part of a state agency statement of general applicability that: (1) has or is designated to have the effect of law; and (2) implements, interprets, or prescribes: (A) law or policy; or (B) the organization, procedure, or practice requirements of the state agency. (IC 4-22-2-3)



The Natural Resources Commission adopts permanent rules for the Department of Natural Resources. The Commission's permanent rules are codified at 312 IAC through the Legislative Services Agency.


Petition for Rule Change

The Commission has developed a process by which a person may petition for a rule change for rules within the Commission's jurisdiction. Included is any rule proposal submitted by an individual, a corporation, an association, a local unit of government, another state agency, a federal agency, or another person. The person may seek the adoption of a new rule, an amended rule, a recodified rule, a rule repeal or a similar action with respect to a nonrule policy document.