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Current Meeting Agenda


Brown County State Park – Abe Martin Lodge

1405 State Road 46

Nashville, Indiana

September 19, 2023

6:00 p.m. ET (5:00 p.m. CT)




III.    REPORT ‑ Deputy Director, Bureau of Lands, Recreation, and Cultural Resources. (Chris Smith)

IV.    REPORT ‑ Deputy Director, Bureau of Resource Regulation. (Ryan Mueller)

V.     REPORT - Deputy Director, Administrative Bureau (Kirsten Haney)

VI.   REPORT - Chair, Natural Resources Advisory Council (Patrick Early)

Chair, and Vice Chair

  1. Consideration of 2023 Commission meeting dates (Indianapolis):    November 21st
  2. Updates on Commission and AOPA Committee  

    DNR, Executive Office

  3. Consideration and identification of any topic appropriate for referral to the Advisory Council
  4. Information Item: Rulemaking Presentation (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

    DNR, Division of Nature Preserves

  5. Consideration of the dedication of the North Woods Nature Preserve in LaPorte County (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)
  6. Consideration of the dedication of the Toothwort Woods Nature Preserve in Jennings County (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

DNR, Division of Fish & Wildlife

7.   Report to the Natural Resources Commission on Citizen Petition to ban the use of lead shot in Indiana; Administrative Cause No. 23-FW-007 (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

NRC, Division of Hearings

8.   Consideration of Hearing Officer report on rule processing, public hearing, and hearing office analysis with recommendation regarding final action to amend 312 IAC 10-1-2 to accurately reflect a statutory reference by adding IC 14-27-7.5. Amends 312 IAC 10-2-28 concerning coastal high hazard areas; LSA #23-425(F); Administrative Cause No. 23-WA-006 (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

9.   Consideration of Hearing Officer report, including findings and proposal to the Natural Resources Commission as to recommendations to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding Fourwinds Resort Marina ratemaking petition; Administrative Cause No. 22-SP-035 (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

10.  Consideration of approval for amendments to Information Bulletin #57, to update references in Cumulative Effects under the Flood Control Act; Administrative Cause No. #23-WA-019 (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

11.  Consideration of repeal of Information Bulletin #14, Commission Floodway Criteria; Administrative Cause No. 23-WA-021 (SUPPORTING MATERIAL)

12.  Adjournment