Meet the Commission


Mission Statement


The Indiana Natural Resources Commission is an autonomous board that addresses issues pertaining to the Department of Natural Resources. This twelve-member board includes seven citizens chosen on a bipartisan basis, three ex officio members from state agencies, the chair of the advisory council, and one representative of the Indiana Academy of Science. (See IC 14-10). The Commission meets at least four times annually.

The Commission currently has one standing committee: the AOPA Committee, chaired by Jane Ann Stautz.

Commission Members (Fort Harrison State Park, Garrison (July 2017))

(L to R) 1st Row: Phil French, Jane Ann Stautz, Cameron Clark, Patrick Early, Jennifer Jansen (Proxy)

2nd Row: R.T. Green, Doug Grant, Mark Newman, Bryan Poynter, Jeffery Holland, Robert Wright, Bruno Pigott


Current Commission Membership:

Bryan Poynter Chair - Citizen Member

Jane Ann Stautz Vice Chair - Citizen Member

Cameron F. Clark Secretary - Department of Natural Resources Director

Director, Indiana Office of Tourism Development

Joe McGuinness  Indiana Department of Transportation Commissioner - Laura Hilden (Proxy)

Bruno Pigott Indiana Department of Environmental Management Commissioner

Patrick Early Chair, Natural Resources Advisory Council

John "Bart" Herriman Citizen Member

Jeffrey Holland Appointee, Indiana Academy of Sciences

Phil French Citizen Member

Bruce Walkup Citizen Member

John Wright Citizen Member