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Description of Services

MAXIMUS Health Services Inc. has served as the Indiana Health Coverage Programs enrollment broker since 2007.  As the state’s enrollment broker, Maximus provides program education to newly enrolled members, counseling on how to select a managed care entity (health plan), and health plan assignment for those members who choose not to select a plan.

It is the enrollment broker’s role to provide unbiased counseling on which health plan would best meet the needs of each individual member that seeks assistance.

In addition to assisting newly eligible members, Maximus assists members during redetermination and open enrollment, educating them about their right to select a new health plan and assisting members who are interested in changing their health plan.

Participants in Hoosier Healthwise, the Healthy Indiana Plan, Hoosier Care Connect, and Indiana PathWays for Aging with questions about selecting a managed care health plan can contact Maximus at the numbers below.

Hoosier Healthwise 800-889-9949
Healthy Indiana Plan 877-438-4479
Hoosier Care Connect 866-963-7383
Indiana PathWays for Aging 877-284-9294

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