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Acentra Health

Acentra Health is the fee-for-service (FFS) prior authorization and utilization management (PA-UM) contractor for the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP),

Prior authorization requests for FFS nonpharmacy services should be submitted to Acentra Health using the Atrezzo Provider Portal or by fax, mail or phone. For contact information, see the IHCP Quick Reference Guide.

As part of its role as the FFS PA-UM contractor, Acentra Health is also the Right Choices Program (RCP) Administrator for Traditional Medicaid. RCP Administrator and primary medical provider (PMP) referral functions are accessed through the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal for all RCP members, both FFS and managed care.

Note: Due to Kepro merging with CNSI, Kepro has officially changed its name to Acentra Health.

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