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Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule (updated 2024)

Vital Records
Birth Certificate $15.00
Death Certificate $15.00
Home Birth Registration $35.00
Genealogy Forms ($15.00 minim.)
Paternity Affidavit (by appt. only) $30.00
Correction Affidavit
Photo Copies
Certificate Envelopes
$2.00 per page
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Septic Program
Septic Permits - New and Repair (Residential)
Septic Permits - New and Repair (Commercial) $300.00
Re-inspection Fee $50.00
Contractor Registration (New in 2013)
Yearly Renewal $50.00
Certification Test (No Annual Renewal) $50.00
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Microbiology Laboratory
Well Water presence/absence test
Multiple well water presence/absence tests
$40.00 ea
$25.00 ea
Surface Ditch Water/ Beach testing (quantitative) $40.00 ea
Swimming Pool testing (HPC) $40.00 ea
Multiple bodies of water (ie pool/spa or pool/baby pool) $25.00 ea
On-Site Well$40.00
Weekend Fee$50.00
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Hepatitis B Vaccine $60.00
Hepatitis A Vaccine
Hepatitis A/B (Twinrix)
Tetanus Shot $35.00
Flu Shot $35.00
TB Test
Administration fee for immunizations that are
funded through vaccine programs.
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Annual Food Permits
All New Plan Reviews $175.00
Permanent Food Establishments
1-10 Employees $125.00
11-40 Employees $175.00
41 or more Employees$250.00
Grocery Stores
Up to 10,000 Sq. Ft. $125.00
10,001 to 35,000 Sq. Ft. $175.00
35,001 Sq. Ft. to 60,000Sq. Ft. $225.00
60,001 Sq. Ft. and over$325.00
Farmers Market
Home Based Vendor$10.00
Not-For-ProfitsNO FEE - 
Micro Market
1 to 20 food or beverage displays$100.00
21 to 50 machines$150.00
51 or more machines$175.00
Bed and Breakfast
One year$100.00
3 month season $40.00
6 month season $70.00
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Temporary Food Permits
3-days or less permit $30.00
Each additional day $5.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Permit Replacement fee$15.00
Processing fee$30.00
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Annual Pool Permit Fees
Seasonal Pool Permit / Seasonal Waterpark $125.00
Annual Pool Permit $175.00
Annual Pools and Spas $225.00
Baby Pool/Splash Pad$50.00
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Annual Tattoo Fees
Tattoo Establishment Permit $100.00
Tattoo Artist Permit $50.00