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Community Health Profile

The purpose of a Community Health Assessment (CHA) is to evaluate the current health, well-being, and needs of a local community. Community Health Assessments help form a snapshot of a community, which allows for the construction of a broader Community Health Profile. Community Health Profiles use a variety of sources including demographic data, county health trends, and surveying of local populations to identify priority areas where improvements can be made.

Local partners, including the Montgomery County Department of Health (MCHD), involved in the Community Health Profile will use the profiles data to implement a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) aimed at improving any or all of the following: awareness and education of specific health conditions and lifestyle choices, availability of effective health services, sustaining an environment that supports healthy living.

Community Health Profile 2020-2024

Annual Report

Each year, the Montgomery County Health Department creates a report that documents statistics and data points from the calendar year. Areas documented include vital records, environmental health, financial and funding, food inspections, septic systems, nursing, and water lab. The annual report provides an overview of MCHD services.

Annual Report 2022