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Food Services

Food Establishments

License Fees for Food Establishments

An annual license fee shall be levied upon each food establishment. License fees shall be paid annually, or for such lesser period as hereafter specified in accordance with the following classifications.

Online Application & Payment

Annual Food Service Permit$120.00 Business is open more than 6 months a year.

Prepackaged Foods Only$60.00 Business sells prepackaged foods only.

Seasonal License 6 months or less$60.00 Business is open less than 6 months a year.

Temporary Event – 1 Day Event – $25.00 2-14 Day Event – $50.00

Non-Profit Event – Operate less than 15 days a year (separate permit below)

All annual license or permit fees are due upon application for renewal received and/or postmarked no later than the 31st day of December of the year of expiration of the current license or permit. Payments and/or applications postmarked after that date are subject to the Penalty Fee.

Annual Food Service Permit – $240.00 Penalty Fee

Prepackaged Foods Only – $120.00 Penalty Fee

To file a food complaint, click here to create an account and describe the complaint.