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Mosquito Control Program

The Indiana State Department of Health has provided funding to allow us to purchase Mosquito Dunks, a larvicidal product. The active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, a bacterial spore that is safe for animals and fish. It kills mosquitoes by scratching up their stomach and intestinal linings, making them unable to ingest food.

Mosquito Dunks are free to the public as long as our supply holds out. Simply call the Health Department at 738-3237 and let us know how large your area of standing water is. We will calculate how many Dunks you need and provide them to you at no charge.

Harrison County does not spray insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes. However, your town may. Contact your town hall for more information.

For more information on mosquitoes and what you can do to protect your family, click here.