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Environmental Health

Danny Schroeder, EHS

Danny SchroederDanny Schroeder has been with the health department since 1991. He was the Chief Foods Inspector for nearly a decade, but now heads up the septic system department. He is adept at coming up with innovative solutions for problem sites. Danny also handles environmental complaints and mold issues. He can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1018.

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Tracy Monroe, EHS

Tracy MonroeTracy Monroe has been with the health department since 1998.  She looks up septic permits for property owners and realtors, draws them on our maps, updates and maintains records, takes care of reported animal bites, schedules the annual rabies shot clinics, and keeps the website updated for this site.  She does septic and food inspections as needed.  Tracy can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1013.

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Anthony Phillips, EHS

Anthony PhillipsAnthony Phillips has been in the Environmental Health Division since early June, 2021.  Currently, he is mainly working with septic systems and environmental complaints.  He is proactive, confidently taking care of anything coming his way.  Anthony can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1012.

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Matthew Baker, EHS

Matthew Baker Matt Baker is the newest member of the Environmental Health Division, starting full-time at the Health Department in mid-January, 2022.  Since September, 2020, he worked under contract at the COVID testing and vaccine sites.  If you ask Matt what his main goal is, he'll say it's to help people.  He is the chief food protection person, he takes care of tattoo parlor permits and inspections, and he does pool inspections, all of which are ways that he can help keep people safe.  He's great at finding answers to questions.  Matt can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1082.

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