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Vital Records

Vital Records is a division of the Decatur County Health Department and maintains all birth and death records for Decatur County. The Decatur County Health Department is a registration district for vital records, which include all births and deaths occurring in Decatur County. Certified copies of both are issued to individuals for travel, school, marriage, insurance, and to estate matters. Our staff is certified to also complete correction amendments to birth records and to prepare paternity affidavits. A fee is charged for those services. Both birth and death records begin in 1882. Records prior to 1882 are not available.

Appointments are required for all corrections, paternity affidavits, and home birth registrations.

Birth Certificate - standard size $20.00 (Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card)

Death Certificate -  standard size $25.00 (Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card)

Amendment to Birth Record - $20.00 (Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card)

Paternity/Paternity upon Marriage -  $50.00 (Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card)

Genealogy Search (Birth & Death) - Same as Birth & Death Fees

Pay Online (service fee applied) at - Allpaid Credit Card System


We DO accept Birth or Death requests via email, fax, or phone.

Please remit payment to The Decatur County Health Department when submitting the form.

*These fees are subject to modification by appropriate action of the Decatur County Department of Health.*

Our office is located at 315 S Ireland St, Greensburg, Indiana 47240. The phone number is (812) 663-8301.

Office hours for Vital Records are 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Birth Certificate Form

Death Certificate Form


  • Person named on the record (over 18 years)
  • Parent (must be listed on birth certificate)
  • Grandparents (with proof of relationship)
  • Child (over 18 years) of person on record (with proof of relationship)
  • Spouse (with proof of relationship)
  • Sibling (over 18 years, with proof and written release)
  • Court appointed legal guardian (must provide guardianship paper with seal)
  • Attorney representing person name on record (must have ID for self and ID/written release from person on record)
  • Caseworker from Division of Family & Children (with court appointed guardianship papers and ID)
  • Law enforcement personnel with ID and court order

A birth certificate may be released to other individuals when provided a written authorization, containing signature, birth information and ID of person on the record, as well as individual's name the record is being released to. The person the record is being issued to must also have an ID.

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Military ID
  • State ID Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Department of Correction ID, issued within past six months
  • School ID,  with signature or photo
  • Court Order (must order local health dept. to release record to person named on record)
  • Police report (for reported stolen ID)
  • Fire report (for reported ID destroyed by fire)
  • Employment ID with signature, photo, date of employment or employer address
  • Copies of signed employment application
  • Bankcard with signature (NOT CREDIT CARDS) or personal check with current information
  • Voter Registration Card with signature
  • Vehicle Registration with signature
  • Previous year's tax return with signature and social security number, Welfare, or Food Stamps
  • Probation documents or statement from Probation Officer on letterhead, including person's name and date of birth
  • Letter from BMV or Social Security Administration that shows individual's name and date of birth
  • Certified copy of marriage license application showing individual's name, date of birth, parents and signature
  • Signed leases or loan agreements
  • Expired driver's license
  • Club membership card with signature or photo
  • Gun permit with signature
  • Social Security Card

Vital Records: Office Manager

Amanda Bates


Decatur County Health Department

315 S Ireland St, Greensburg, IN 47240

Office: (812) 560-4857

Fax: (812) 663-4174

Vital Records: Public Health Specialist

Leah Root


Decatur County Health Department

315 S Ireland St, Greensburg, IN 47240

Office: (812) 663-8301

Fax: (812) 663-4174