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Public Health Preparedness

Our goal with Health First Indiana is to ensure that every Hoosier has access to the core public health services that allow them to achieve their optimal health and well-being by updating our public health emergency response plan.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Public Health Education and Awareness
  • Public Health Emergencies
  • Food and Safety Security
  • Volunteer Coordination
    • Recruiting
    • Roster Maintenance
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For Preparedness Resources please go to:


Sean Durbin, Executive Director

(812) 663-8301 Ext. 7717 |  Email:

  • Assessment of public health/medical needs
  • Medical surge
  • Health, Medical, and Veterinary equipment and supplies
  • Patient movement
  • Patient care
  • Safety and security of drugs, biologics, and medical devices
  • Blood and tissues
  • Food safety and defense
  • Agriculture safety and security
  • All-hazards public health and medical consultation, technical assistance, and support
  • Behavioral healthcare
  • Public health and medical information
  • Vector control
  • Guidance on potable water, wastewater, and solid waste disposal
  • Mass fatality management, victim identification, and mitigating health hazards from contaminated remains
  • Veterinary medical support