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Reportable Communicable Diseases

Vision: Minimize the effect of communicable disease in Clinton County, Indiana

The Public Nursing Division of Clinton County Health Department is determined to combine healthcare and resources to keep our community healthy. The public health nurse is responsible for monitoring the communicable diseases in our county.

Some Examples of Communicable Diseases Include:

  • Hepatitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Food-Borne Illnesses
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections

Healthcare Professionals are required to report specific communicable diseases to the Clinton County Health Department. When we receive the reports we continue to monitor the patient and follow up with the case. All information is kept confidential and our clients are treated with professional respect.

If you have questions about reporting or specific diseases, please contact our office at (765) 659-6385 ext. 1301.

Information from the Indiana Department of Health:

Contact Information

Phone: (765) 659-6385

1234 Rossville Ave
Frankfort, IN 46041

Birth & Death Records

Environmental Health

Food & Vector Control

Immunization Clinic
(Medicaid, No Insurance, or Commercial Insurance)

Public Health Nurse

Preparedness & MRC Coordinator

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