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Urgent: If currently enrolled in Medicaid, please check enrollment status here. Due to change in benefits from the Family and Social Services Administration.

The Clinton County Immunization Clinic

Vaccines/Immunizations (not including COVID)

All vaccines are offered at the Health Department located at 1234 Rossville Ave., Frankfort, IN. The telephone number is (765) 659-6385 x1309 to make an appointment. If additional immunization questions call (765) 659-6385 x1309.  Appointment hours are 10:30 am to 5:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. All visits are by appointment. Please bring your insurance or Medicaid card and any paper immunization records you might have with your visit.


Children Birth - Age 18

Regardless of insurance coverage, we offer all childhood vaccines from infant through the age of 18. If the child is uninsured we utilize vaccines provided by the state and CDC. If the child has private insurance we will bill that insurance.

Adults 19 and over

We have vaccines available for uninsured adults. We can also file insurance for those adults who have private insurance. Most major medical insurance policies are included such as Anthem BC/BS, United Healthcare, UMR, Cigna, and Medicare B for flu and pneumonia shots.

We are a certified Travel Clinic and offer travel vaccines such as typhoid and yellow fever. These are available for Point of Sale (POS) only. We are unable to file insurance for "travel vaccines".

We do not provide scripts for antimalarial medications or antibiotics for traveler's diarrhea.  Please contact your primary care physician.  Should you wish to obtain further information regarding your travel destination, please feel free to search this at the following web page:

Prices for the POS vaccines are subject to change. However, as of 3/2023, these are the costs as follows:

  • Adult Hepatitis A-(series of 2): $95 each (series of 2)
  • Adult Hepatitis B-(series of 3): $70 each (series of 3)
  • Tdap: $60
  • Flu Regular Dose: $40
  • Flu High Dose: $80
  • Pneumovax: $135
  • Prevnar 13: $240
  • Prevnar 20:  $260
  • Typhoid: $150
  • Shignrix [Shingles] (Series of 2): $200.00 Each (Series of 2) If Medicare D is available, you may have no out-of-pocket cost.
  • Yellow Fever including certificate: TBD $200.00
  • TB Skin Test: $20 includes 1 copy of results. Will bill employers.

Contact Information

Phone: (765) 659-6385

1234 Rossville Ave
Frankfort, IN 46041

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Food & Vector Control

Immunization Clinic
(Medicaid, No Insurance, or Commercial Insurance)

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Preparedness & MRC Coordinator

Payment Information

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