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Environmental Disease: Conduct investigations of reported environmental illnesses, and sample if necessary.

Stream Monitoring: Sample surface water and groundwater to detect threats to the environmental health of Brown County.

Complaint Investigations: Investigate environmental (water, air, solid and liquid waste), public health (hazardous materials, radiation, communicable disease, pests/vectors), and unfit housing complaints.

Education: Programs and workshops are given to the public, septic contractors, builders, and realtors as needed.

Home Financial Aid Opportunities: The Indiana Department of Health Lead & Healthy Home Program has financial aid available to income-qualified renters and owners to address any of the following issues in their home:

  • Radon
  • Lead-based paint
  • Damp and mold growth
  • Electrical hazards
  • Accessibility
  • Structural
  • Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products
  • Pests and refuse

Funding is provided through Indiana Housing & Development Community Authority (IHCDA) and Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA). You can find more information on the Healthy Homes Resource Program at IHCDA: Healthy Homes Resource Program (in.gov).

Environmental Loan Opportunities: The Great Lakes Community Action Partnership Decentralized Water Systems Program now has grants available for water well, in-home water treatment, and septic systems repairs. The maximum loan amount is $15,000 with an interest rate of 1%. Maturity may not exceed 20 years and will depend on repayment ability. To be eligible, the applicant’s household income may not exceed $34,800. Associated loan costs are at the borrower’s expense and can be included within the loan. Applicants must own and occupy the home or be in the process of purchasing the home for occupancy. New home construction and community water systems are not eligible. For further information and to obtain an application please visit www.glcap.org or call Valerie Vanfleet at 1-800-775-9767 or 419-333-6074. Valerie can be reached by email directly at vjvanfleet@glcap.org.