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Volume XXXIX No.1

Spring 2016


Talking Book Updates from San Francisco

The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) hosted their biennial conference in San Francisco from April 2nd to 7th and thanks to the Indiana State Library Foundation, the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library was on hand. There are many exciting developments on the way for both patrons and NLS libraries around the country, including ambitious plans for book delivery through the cloud (though this is many years away). Some developments happening in the more immediate future include:

BARD Media Manager—BARD Media Manager will drastically improve the user experience of patrons using BARD on their home PCs. It will remember your BARD password and log you in automatically each time you use the system. It will also have the ability to download multiple books at a time, unzip them automatically, and transfer them to your storage device. The BARD media manager should be available for patrons to download sometime in the summer.

New Search Engine for BARD—The long awaited new search engine for BARD will be more modern and will produce more relevant results for patrons based on the NLS catalog.

Success of Commercial Titles—By including commercial titles in the NLS collection, patrons now have access to over 1000 more books per year than they did before. NLS has the ability to add these commercial titles to BARD within weeks of their initial release, lessening the wait time for hot new releases. These books are still unrated though, so patrons should keep that in mind when ordering commercial audio books.

That All May Read—NLS has launched a new, national media campaign as well as a newly designed logo. Librarians around the country voted on the campaign slogan and the consensus was to stick with the historic “That All May Read” slogan. Upcoming promotion plans include the creation of an NLS television commercial, which will be their first foray into that medium. Their campaign depends on people who know about the service to help spread the word, which you can do by liking their Facebook page and sharing their information, which can be found online by searching “that all may read”.

To read more about these and other exciting changes coming to the Talking Book Library, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do by clicking “subscribe for e-mail updates” on our homepage at

Summer Reading Returns:

The library will once again be sponsoring a summer reading program for our young patrons ages 4-21 from May 30th to August 15th. Our theme for elementary and middle school students will be “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read!” and our theme for young adults will be “Get in the Game, Read.” Any audio, braille, or large print book borrowed from the library between May 30th and August 15th will count towards the reader’s total. This includes braille and audio books downloaded through the BARD website or mobile app. Prizes will be awarded to all participants. Each eligible reader will be contacted regarding the program. Look for more details on our website in coming weeks, including printable applications and reading lists.

Indiana State Library Foundation Grant Update

The first round of grants awarded from the Indiana State Library Foundation to provide assistance to Talking Book patrons purchasing assistive technology devices were awarded in February. Recipients were approved for purchasing items ranging from simple handheld magnifiers to large desk top magnifiers, from iPads to more sophisticated and specific book readers.

Nearly $5,000 in grant money has been awarded so far this year. Applications for 2016 are still being accepted, but only while funds remain. If you don’t get your grant application in this year, the program will continue in 2017.

Cassette Withdraw Progress

The Indiana Talking Book and Braille library is currently undertaking a very ambitious withdraw of our cassette collection. As books are being digitized they are being removed from the building and sent to the National Library Service for recycling. Over 10,000 titles were removed in January with more being done each month. This process will continue until every item in the cassette collection is available on digital cartridge.

The cassettes that have not been digitized are still available for patrons to borrow; however, they are available on a request only basis. Patrons will no longer be receiving cassettes as part of the nightly auto-select program. Patron requests will be filled first with digital talking books, either by duplicating the books in the building or ordering them from Cincinnati; only if the book requested is not available digitally will it be sent on a cassette.

As a result of this, we encourage you to return your unused cassette players to the library. Also, give us a call if you no longer feel you are receiving enough books now that cassettes are not being sent; we are happy to adjust the number of digital books being sent at a time in order to meet your reading needs.

New Books from Indiana Voices

Suffering from March Madness withdrawal? Indiana Voices has a cure. These titles are available both on cartridge from the library or for download through the BARD website or mobile app.

Tony Hinkle: A Coach for All Seasons by Howard Caldwell (IDB00109, DBC04913)

Tony Hinkle was the man who shaped Butler University's athletic tradition. He served the institution for nearly half a century as a teacher, coach, and athletic administrator. A Hoosier legend, Hinkle worked from 1934 to 1970 as Butler's head coach of basketball, baseball, and football. But it was for basketball that he gained the most fame, creating the Hinkle System -- a disciplined, high motion offense -- which countless other coaches have emulated. Hinkle's 560 career wins rank him among the NCAA's all-time winningest basketball coaches. Based on numerous interviews with Hinkle and his players and associates; Tony Hinkle: Coach for All Seasons is an absorbing account of the life of a remarkable figure in the world of sport.

Boom, Baby! My Basketball Life in Indiana by Bobby “Slick” Leonard (IDB00108, DBC04917)

Bobby "Slick" Leonard has etched his name forever on the Mount Rushmore of Indiana basketball, and in Boom, Baby! he shares memories from his storied career. Leonard takes readers inside the Indiana locker room with legendary head coach Branch McCracken and onto the court when he hit the deciding free throws as the "Hurrying Hoosiers" topped Phog Allen's Kansas Jayhawks. He recalls the NBA's early years, including being drafted by a Baltimore Bullets team that folded soon after selecting him. He tells of his time as the winningest coach in the ABA's nine-year history, securing three championships in his first five seasons with the Indianapolis Pacers. In his final act, "Slick" endeared himself to new generations of Hoosier hoops fans as the longtime Pacers radio voice, with his trademark call "Boom, Baby!" for a successful three-point shot.

Historic Hoosier Gyms: Discovering Bygone Basketball Landmarks by Kyle Neddenriep (IDB00106, DBC04910)

Kick snow from your shoes and step into the warmth of the old Hoosier high school basketball gym, where farmers in overalls line the court and students heckle referees from planks above the bleachers. Revisit a unique era when nearly every town had a high school and its own basketball team. The gyms featured here no longer host high school games, but once they were home to the Ladoga Canners, the Mecca Arabs, the Roll Red Rollers, the Arlington Purple Breezes, the Warren Lightning Five and dozens more. Now they are elementary schools, community centers, fire stations, churches. Some are homes. Sadly, others are wasting away. But once again, the ball thuds in these gyms. The screams reverberate. The whistles blow. Join the Indianapolis Star's Kyle Neddenriep on this tour of one hundred former Hoosier high school basketball gyms.

New Magazines Available for Patrons

The National Library Service has recently added new audio magazines to their Magazine of Cartridge (MOC) program. You can call the library to order these magazines; you will receive these together on a cartridge either weekly, monthly, or bimonthly depending on how often the magazine is produced. These magazines are on loan from the National Library Service; in order to stay active in the magazine program you must return the magazines.

The new magazines available are:

·                AARP the Magazine (monthly)

·                Audubon (bimonthly)

·                Cowboys and Indians (monthly)

·                Humpty Dumpty (bimonthly)

·                Missouri Conservationist (monthly)

·                National Geographic Traveler (monthly)

·                New Yorker (weekly)

·                Oklahoma Today (bimonthly)

·                Playboy (monthly)

·                Seventeen (monthly)

·                Smithsonian (monthly)

·                Southern Living (monthly)

·                Vital Speeches of the Day (monthly)

For a complete listing of all braille, audio, and large print magazines available through either the National Library Service or the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library, please visit; you can also call the library and we would be happy to mail you a magazine order form.

Vision Expo—10th Anniversary Edition

Help us celebrate the tenth anniversary of Vision Expo! This year’s Expo will take place on Saturday, September 24th, from 10am-2 pm. Stay tuned for more information about vendors and presenters at

Currency Reader Program

If you are having any problems with your iBill currency reader, please call the Bureau of Engraving Call Center toll-free at 1-844-815-9388. BEP staff members can help you troubleshoot issues and can also authorize the delivery of a replacement device, if necessary. If you do not have a currency reader and are interested in getting one, please call the number above.

Book Recommendations

Take a glance at these recent additions to our collection that you may have overlooked:

When the Cypress Whispers by Yvette Manessis Corporon (DB 82524)

Greek-American restauranteur and widow Daphne travels to the Greek island of Erikousa with her young daughter to prepare for her wedding. While there, she learns her beloved grandmother's history and reconnects with her own past as she rethinks her future.

Things You Won't Say by Sarah Pekkanen (DB 82261)

Jamie Anderson worries about her police officer husband, Mike, every morning when he prepares for work. After Mike's partner is seriously injured in a shooting, and then Mike shoots and kills a teenager, Mike's and Jamie's world is upended. They must both face the consequences of their actions. Some violence.

The Door by Magda Szabó (DB 81403, BR 20807)

Magda, a writer, describes her post-war rise to prominence. When she and her academic husband hire peasant Emerence to be their housekeeper, Magda becomes transfixed by Emerence's life. Revelation of a secret shocks Magda from her complacency. Translated from the 1987 Hungarian edition. Some violence.

Dr. Mutter’s Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz (DB 81630)

Biography of Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter (1811-1859), renowned in his lifetime for reconstructive surgery on patients with severe deformities and for the introduction of anesthesia in American surgical practice. Discusses his legacy in the work of his students and the Philadelphia medical museum named for him. Unrated. Commercial audiobook.   


Christ Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age by James Carroll (DB 81183)

Award-winning novelist and historian attempts to put Jesus of Nazareth in historical and theological context, drawing on examples from the catastrophes of the twentieth century as well as from the Roman occupation and persecution of the Jews to explain the centrality of Jesus's message and the ultimate transcendence of faith.

Buried in a Bog; Scandal in Skibbereen ; An Early Wake by Sheila Connolly (DB 81117)

Three mysteries, written between 2013 and 2015, feature transplanted Bostonian Maura Donovan, who now lives in the small Irish village in County Cork where her grandmother was born. Her work in Sullivan's Pub is regularly interrupted by murders that need investigating.

A Sweetest Kisses Trilogy by Grace Burrowes (DB 81331)

Trilogy featuring romances centering on a family law firm. Includes A Single Kiss, The First Kiss, and Kiss Me Hello. In A Single Kiss, attorney Hannah Stark avoids drama, but things change with a new position and a handsome boss. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language.

I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (DB 79944, BR 20707)

Once close, sixteen-year-old twins Jude and her brother Noah barely speak to each other following a tragedy. But time and new relationships begin to mend their lives. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers.


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