Programs & Projects

Adult Guardianship
A resource for courts and the general public on all issues related to adult guardianship

Civil Legal Aid Fund
A state fund for legal assistance to indigent persons in civil cases

Conference for Legal Education (CLEO)
A program to assist underrepresented college graduates with law school and a legal career

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
Assistance to state courts with planning for how to continue operating during and after an emergency

Court Improvement Program
Assistance to state courts in caring for at-risk families and abused and neglected children

Court Interpreter Certification
A program to evaluate and certify foreign-language interpreters to work in Indiana state courts

Court Reform Grants
A grant program for state courts to improve operations,  access to justice, technology and other infrastructure.

Family Court Project
A program that focuses on families with more than one case pending in the legal system (multiple case families), or families with complex cases or at-risk situations

Family Violence
Assistance for state courts on matters related to family violence, including civil protection orders, case processing, best practices, and training

Guardian Ad Litem / Court Appointed Special Advocates (GAL/CASA)
A program to train community volunteers to speak up for children who find themselves, through no fault of their own, involved in the juvenile justice system

Local ADR Plans
A program to assist state courts in developing plans for alternative dispute resolution that are compliant with state law and best practices

Local Rules
A program to coordinate and publish local court rules and ensure courts are compliant with Trial Rule 81

Mortgage Foreclosure Trial Court Assistance Project
Instructions for judicial officers and other court personnel on requesting assistance for current or proposed trial court settlement conference programs

Pretrial Release
Statewide implementation of Criminal Rule 26, effective January 2020.

Private Judges
Contact information for private judges, which litigants could agree to hire to try certain civil cases

Race & Gender Fairness
A commission to study methods to improve race and gender fairness in the courts, legal system, legal service providers, public organizations, state and local government

Self-Service Legal Center
A website that serves as a source of information and forms for litigants who choose to go to court without a lawyer

Senior Judges
A program for state courts to use the services of retired or former judges to supplement existing judicial resources

Trial Court Management & Statistics
An office charged with collecting and publishing statistical information on the caseload and fiscal activities of all courts and probation offices throughout the state

Weighted Caseload Measures 
An annual evaluation that assigns time values to specific case types for appropriate allocation of judicial resources