Judicial Education

The overall goal of judicial education is to enhance the performance of the judicial system as a whole by continuously improving the personal and professional competence of all persons performing judicial functions.

The Indiana Office of Court Services gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the members of the Judicial Education Committee, past and present, whose invaluable guidance has been essential to meeting a high standard of educational excellence.

We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the judicial education web page.

About the Education Committee

Learn about the committee's mission, membership, and access meeting minutes.

Upcoming Judicial Officer Conferences

Access a list of upcoming conferences and download conference agendas and related information as they become available.

Judicial Credit Options

Learn about the various opportunities Indiana judges have to earn education credits.


Professional Development Scholarship (Title IV-D)

Apply for scholarship reimbursement for certain education expenses.

Professional Development Scholarship (CIP)

Apply for scholarship reimbursement for child welfare related education expenses and membership in child welfare related professional organizations.



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