Judge Carr L. Darden

(Fourth District)

115 W. Washington Street
Suite 1080 South Tower
Indianapolis, IN  46204
(317) 232-6906Photo of Judge Carr L. Darden

Carr L. Darden was named to the Court of Appeals of Indiana by Governor Evan Bayh in October 1994 and was retained on the Court by election in 1998 and 2008. Prior to his appointment, he served as a presiding judge in the Marion County Superior Court and the Marion County Municipal Court systems. He also served as the Chief Deputy State Public Defender.

Judge Darden received his BS degree from Indiana University School of Business in 1966 and his JD degree from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis in 1970. He is also a 1998 graduate of the Judicial College of Indiana and, in 2004, the Indiana Graduate Program for Judges.

In November 2004, Judge Darden received the Paul H. Buchanan, Jr. Award of Excellence by the Indianapolis Bar Foundation, and in May 2006, the Distinguished Alumni Award at the annual IU Law Alumni Association reception. He is also the recipient of three Sagamores of the Wabash, Indiana's highest distinguished citizen award. However, one of the awards that he cherishes most is the recognition by his peers of being "Exceptionally Qualified" to serve as a trial court judge.

Judge Darden is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and in 2005 he was honored by the House of Representatives of the State of Tennessee by Proclamation. He has lived in Indiana most of his life; and therefore, he is an extremely proud Hoosier by choice. He and his wife recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Judge Darden considered it an honor to serve in the United States military and received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force in 1959.

Judge Darden is deeply involved in his church and community and has served on the boards of many charitable organizations. He has participated at numerous legal and education seminars. He is a lifetime member of the NAACP, the National Bar Association and the American, Indiana State, and Marion County Bar Associations.

Judge Darden retired from the Court of Appeals on July 21, 2012 and was appointed as a senior judge by the Indiana Supreme Court on July 24, 2012.

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