Rules for E-filing

 Trial Rule 86 - Electronic filing and service

For e-filing in a trial court, read Trial Rule 86, which will become effective in a county when the county adopts the e-filing system. See the Trial Rule 86 Implementation Schedule to learn which counties already have optional and/or mandatory e-filing, and for which case types. See the Timeline for Voluntary and Mandatory E-filing to learn when counties that don't already have e-filing plan to adopt the system

 Rules of Appellate Procedure

For e-filing in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, read the Rules of Appellate Procedure. Rule 68 specifically covers electronic filing and service. E-filing in existing cases is mandatory for attorneys in these courts beginning July 1, 2016.

 Tax Court Rules

For e-filing in the Tax Court, read the Tax Court Rules. E-filing in existing cases is mandatory for attorneys in the Indiana Tax Court beginning July 1, 2016.

 View all Supreme Court orders regarding electronic filing

The Supreme Court has issued many orders relating to e-filing since May 2014, including rule amendments.