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Update civil practice information

Here you will provide information about your civil mediation practice to display on the public Mediator Search.

Hourly Rate

Specify a range for your hourly rate (e.g., $100-150) or a set hourly rate (e.g., $100-100) and indicate whether or not your rate is negotiable and if you will accept pro bono cases.

Number of Cases

Specify the number of civil cases in which you have served as a mediator. 

Practice Areas

Specify the practice areas you cover.  Use the "All Issues" check boxes to select every area in a given category.

Locations Served

Add the counties that you're willing to serve by choosing a county or district from the available lists and clicking the "Add" button.  You can add one county at a time or you can add all the counties in a specific judicial district by choosing that district from the district list. For example, choose "District 6" from the district list to add DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben and Whitley counties.

If you are willing to travel outside your selected counties, check the box indicating so.

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