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Manage my mediator record

Screen shot of "Manage My Mediator Record" section of the portal with links described below.

Here you'll report your mediator information to the Commission for Continuing Legal Education (CLE), whether you are a new mediator adding information about your mediation practice for the first time or an existing mediator updating information that has changed.

You can edit this information at any time during the year, especially when you have a change in contact information that you are required to report.  The Commission uses your email and mailing addresses to send you important information, so if you fail to report contact information changes, you won't receive notices.

In addition, there is one report available to you:

  • My Current Mediator Info - A snap shot of the information the Commission for CLE has on file for you

For an overview of the annual mediator registration process, see our Mediator Registration Walkthrough.

More information about...

If you see a link to "Register as a civil mediator" or to "Register as a domestic mediator" this is because you are not currently registered as one of these types of mediator.  The link points to the Commission for CLE website where you can learn how to become qualified and register as another type of mediator.


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