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E-filing in Lake County now available; mandatory February 11

December 12, 2018 | Notice

Electronic filing is now available in more than 40 civil and criminal case types in the Lake Circuit & Superior Courts. On Monday, February 11, e-filing will be mandatory for attorneys in these courts for all subsequent and initial filings in case types that allow it.

Lake is the last county to adopt e-filing in 2018. Seven counties have yet to begin using the statewide e-filing system and are planned to begin in 2019 pending deployment of the state's Odyssey case management system.

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Advisory opinion on lawyer affiliation with non-lawyer or out-of-state firms

December 11, 2018 | Advisory Opinion

The Disciplinary Commission has issued an opinion advising lawyers about the ethical risks of affiliating with non-lawyer companies or out-of-state law firms to provide service to Indiana clients. This is the second formal, written advisory opinion issued since the Commission began the practice in April 2018.

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