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Indiana War Memorial Museum

Indiana War Memorial ExteriorIndiana War Memorial Exterior

During the early part of the twentieth century, a new conception of design was emerging, called City Beautiful Movement. The existing buildings on the plaza, punctuated by the building of the Indiana War Memorial provided a formal setting with classical designs that reflected the concepts of the City Beautiful Movement. The War Memorial is inspired by a neoclassical design. It is similar to the Greek architecture of the fifth century. It is a square shrine structure with a pyramidal dome, and has Ionic columns. Its formally designed open spaces and its heroic monuments and statuary all contribute to its grandeur.

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Indiana War Memorial Museum - Interior

This magnificent building has three main floors. On the upper level is the breathtaking Shrine Room. The Shrine Room, symbolizing peace and unity is made of materials from all over the world, symbolic of the world wide nature of the "Great War." The room is 110' tall and 60' square. The 24 blood red pillars made of Vermont marble support the vast ceiling. Hanging in the center of the room is theStar of Destiny made of Swedish Crystal to guide the welfare of the nation. Below that is the flag of the United States. In the center of the room, below the flag, is the Altar of Consecration, the altar to the flag. The altar inspires good citizenship and is a place to remember fallen soldiers and comrades. Those who visit the Shrine Room leave with a renewed sense of patriotism and an appreciation for the sacrifices of those who fought in the "Great War".

The main floor houses exhibit space, the administrative offices, two meeting rooms, and the Pershing Auditorium. The meeting rooms and the auditorium are available to for public use for a nominal fee. Listed on this level are the names of all Hoosiers who participated in WW I and all Hoosiers killed or missing in action from WW II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The building also contains a free military museum that portrays the history of Indiana's gallant veterans from the Battle of Tippecanoe, through the several wars in which we have been engaged, to the present.

Among the interesting exhibits and items on display are the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Gallery, numerous military firearms and uniforms, an AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter, and hundreds of other artifacts, photos and documents.