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Watch the IURC Live

The Commission streams evidentiary hearings and public meetings of general interest that are scheduled in Hearing Room 222 and include cross examination, discussion, or questions from the hearing officers, as well as any other hearing or meeting as determined by the Commission. Prehearing conferences or routine cases where there is limited or no discussion will not be streamed.

Please note: The livestream does not constitute an official record or transcript of the hearing.

Upcoming Hearings and Conferences

Below is a list of upcoming hearings and meetings that are scheduled to be livestreamed by the Commission. All hearings are broadcast from the Commission’s Conference Center, located at 101 W. Washington St., Suite 222, Indianapolis IN 46204. The public is also welcome to attend these hearings and meetings in person.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Having trouble?

If a hearing is not displaying properly, please contact the Commission's IT team at

Request a Hearing

Requests to stream hearings or meetings outside of the abovementioned instances can be submitted to for consideration. Please include in your request the Cause or Rulemaking Number (or name of meeting), date of the hearing, rulemaking, or meeting, hearing room location (either Hearing Room 222 or 224), and the reason for your request. These requests must be submitted no later than three business days before a scheduled hearing, rulemaking, or meeting; a decision on whether or not to livestream will be made at the Commission's discretion.