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September 2020 Contemporary Issues Technical Conference Presentations

Lary Conrad - Conrad Technical Services, LLC -  Renewable Integration Models | PDF

Fredrich Kahrl - Berkeley Laboratory -  All Source Competitive Solicitations | PDF

Tom Eckman - Berkeley Laboratory - Determining Utility System Value | PDF

  • Mr. Bill Kallock, Chief Operating Office of Integral Analytics, Inc (DSMore) raised concern about Slide 23 of Tom Eckman’s presentation ‘Using inaccurate load shapes impacts evaluation of DERs as resource options —both energy and peak impacts.” Specifically, Mr. Kallock wanted to stress that DSMore did not develop the residential shape.  Rather, the information to develop load saving shapes requires the user to input the information into DSMore  We appreciate Mr. Kallock noting this and to Tom for his response comments. The full clarification can be found here.

Natalie Mims Frick - Berkeley Laboratory - Time and Locational Value of EE | PDF

Sydney Forrester and Andy Satchwell - Berkeley Laboratory - DERs in Indiana IRPs | PDF