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IURC: RM #22-01 Readoption of 170 IAC 7; 170 IAC 15; 170 IAC 16

Rulemaking Docket

The Rulemaking Docket is not available at this time

Subject Matter of Rule

This rulemaking readopts 170 IAC 7, 170 IAC 15, and 170 IAC 16.

Rulemaking Status

  1. Notice of Intent to Readopt a Rule
  2. Period for Objection
  3. Final Rule
  4. Effective Rule


To view notices and documents related to this rulemaking, please click here.

Comment Time Period

An objection or request to separate must be submitted by May 6, 2022, and comments may be sent to

How to Submit Comments

If you have any questions or would like to submit comments related to this rulemaking, please contact Assistant General Counsel Jeremy Comeau:

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
101 West Washington Street, Suite 1500E
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
(317) 232-2102 | Email

Public Comments Received

No public comments were received.

Public Hearing

Date to be determined.

Email notification

For your convenience, an email list has been created for this rulemaking so that participants can receive periodic updates via email. To be added to this email list, please click here.

Relevant Scientific and Technical Findings