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How to Participate in a Case

Comment on a Case

To comment on a case, please send written remarks to the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC), which is the state agency that represents the public in all cases before the Commission. To file comments and to learn more about the process, please click here.

Attend a Field Hearing

Field hearings are public hearings that give utility customers an opportunity to speak in favor of or against cases pending before the Commission. If a utility seeks an increase in revenue in a base rate case that exceeds $2.5 million, at least one field hearing held in the largest municipality within a utility's service territory is required. Hearings are documented by a court reporter, and testimony is entered in the case as evidence by the OUCC. Upcoming field hearings will be posted on the newsroom page of our website here.

Access Case-Related Information

The Commission uses an electronic document system to process and manage public information filed in docketed cases, called the Online Services Portal. The Online Services Portal's searchable database contains all case documents from the year 2001 to the present. To access the Online Services Portal, here.

To search for a case of interest, click the "Start" button under "Search for a Docketed Case". On the next page, you can search for the case by entering its five-digit Cause Number and clicking "Search". If you do not know the Cause Number, you can also search by petition type, case status, petitioner, and more.

To view case summaries or updates, visit the OUCC's website. It provides basic information about pending cases and an overview of filed testimony.